Reorganizing Paperwork

I recently started listening to Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, through Audible. I’d been curious about it since I had seen the book on the best-sellers lists at Chapters and Indigo.


It’s actually been an enjoyable and easy read. The book is a self-help guide on how to organize and declutter your home. I decided to apply some of the techniques today, since I needed to sort my important paperwork anyway, and spent several hours going through my file folders.

This is probably only about a third of what I tossed into the fireplace!

Some of the things I tossed:

  • Old paystubs from 2005 when I worked at Friends of the Rouge
  • Greeting cards and thank you letters
  • A Sears receipt for an eco-friendly frying pan
  • Expired Apple Care warranty papers for my Macbook Air
  • Receipt and registration papers for a Nikkon D40X purchased in 2007

I was actually surprised and shocked I had this stuff. I didn’t even think it was organized within my file folder!! I’m usually fairly organized, but I suppose I kept them thinking that it would be important sometime in the future or that I would like to reminisce about my past.

Marie Kondo, however, explains very well why papers should be tossed. For example, thank you cards* fulfill their very purpose the moment the received has read them. Even if you asked the sender about them, they may very well have forgotten about its existence.

In the end, it felt extremely cathartic to purge myself of unnecessary papers that were simply taking up space. Now my file folder is much lighter to pick up!!

*There were a few thank you letters that were quite touching, so I digitized them by taking pictures before putting them in the recycling bin.



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