Initial Impressions of the SKARSTA

I started putting my Ikea SKARSTA desk together on Thursday, but didn’t finish until Saturday morning.

Not the best shot, but here is my desk at it’s full height! I miss having drawers, so I’ll have to use this coffee table for now as a temporary solution. I’m the future, I will get a rolling set of plastic drawers.


Since I was reorganizing paperwork and working on the computer all Saturday, I was standing a lot. I did alternate between sitting and standing but tried to stay standing as long as I could. I don’t have an anti-fatigue mat yet. That might make a difference as I started feeling a bit of tightness in the back of my thighs after a couple of hours and also began shifting my weight heavily into one hip.

So far, I enjoy it. If I were sitting down and needed to fetch something, I would hesitate and maybe just stay sedentary. Standing made it easier to just walk out and get whatever I need. It makes me less lazy!

Similar to meditating, I also feel more alert when I stand. I’ve failed many times trying to meditate with my head leaning back on the wall, lying down or sloped on my back. To be alert, your back must be upright and unsupported; and it took me a couple of months to realize this in meditation, and now I’m applying this lesson to working at a desk!

Just some initial thoughts for now. We’ll see how things go as the weeks go on.

Have you had experience with a sit-stand desk? 



One thought on “Initial Impressions of the SKARSTA

  1. I use a crate to prop up my comuouter and it helps me be less lazy too! I will say I get tired after standing for mroe than 40 minutes (I have a lot of typing this week), so will look into an anti-fatigue mat.

    I like the table and get what you mean about drawers. I might get one like that when I move back to the states.

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