Two New PRs and the Biomechanics of “Knocked Knees”

It’s been good going back to the squat rack. Last week, we had a fourth friend join in and even with four of us, we’ve been pretty efficient*. On top of that, last Friday, I found myself hitting two new PRs** – lifting 50 lbs on the strict overhead press and 85 lbs on back squats!

It’s also been fun to learn about physiology and biomechanics in a different context. While I began to gain interest through yoga, I haven’t been reading my books much lately. Squatting and other aspects of lifting provides much more common examples of mobility issues that affect everyone, whereas yoga is extremely movement-specific.

One of the cues I’d been given when my friend L. initially helped me with back squats was to “push my knees out”. I understand, on a very basic level, why this is important, but didn’t realize that knees collapsing inwards, also known as ‘knee valgus’, is indicative of weakness in the gluteals and the abductors. This video shows some great methods of getting around “knocked knees” and how to improve your mobility.

After watching video, I felt so thankful for all the barre work I’ve been doing. There is no way I can say that my gluteals are abductors are imbalanced. Some of the exercises in this video actually make up my barre program!

Next squat day: Tuesday!

*Generally, we are still able to finish our workout in approximately an hour.

**Personal records


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