Monthly Goals – January

  • Continue barre work (5/5): In December, I ended up purchasing the rest of the barre bundle, which included Barre Sculpt 2 and Precision Barre Toning. I enjoy it as it gets me sweating and is great for the legs and glutes. Also, it’s a great compliment to lifting as barre continues to strengthen my glutes on my non-lifting days.
  • Healthy breakfast during the weekdays (5/5): J. has been making smoothies with vegan Vega protein powder and physillium husks. Every weekday morning before work!
  • Eat foods that are good for gut flora (3/5): J. and I watched part of an episode of Nature of Things that talked about gut fora. I bought some probiotics even though they are expensive. Pickled foods are good too, including traditional pickles, pickeled bamboo and ginger slices.
Professional Development
  • Two blog posts a month (5/5): I was slacking on my professional blog. This month, made two posts, SMART Notebook Issues and How to Have a Great Friday: Get Kids in the Lab.
  • Apply for reassessment with school board (5/5): Forwarded a copy of reassessment to Human Resources but have not heard anything yet; I will have to follow up next month.
  • Get two reference letters (1/5): Have asked two administrative staff for reference letters. After two and a half weeks, I still do not have any letters yet … sigh. Even if I don’t plan on leaving the school board this year, having them means that I can apply in the future when I want to. Right now, this is the biggest roadblock as there’s no point filling out a school board application with them.
  • Use the KonMarie method (3/5): After reading her book, I decided to clean the house a bit. Mainly, I reorganized the closet and papers. I didn’t enjoy the method organizing my shirts in my drawers. It was therapeutic.
  • Use Geogebra in the classroom (0/5): Fell on the backburner. Move to next month.
  • Apply to Education (1/5): I reset my password and registered for email updates, which I’ve been reading. However, I still need to edit my profile.
  • Learn to use gel eyeliner (5/5): Tested out gel eyeliner that my friend, B., gave to me for winter solstice.
  • Correspond with extended family more (5/5): Trying to stay connected. Mostly in non-intrusive ways, such as sending an email, a candid photo or chatting on WhatsApp with my brother-in-law, my uncle and one of my cousins. It’s difficult being so far away from family, but I think using social media does have a good impact, especially with family members you’re not very close with.
  • Study Mandarin (5/5): Fell behind schedule. I managed to finish unit 25 today! I put this off for two months. Boooooo!!!!

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