Monthly Goals – February

  • Start using the Focused Flexibility plan (3/5): Had to start the Tight Hips program when my right hip began bothering me and was hindering my back squats. I haven’t been very consistent, as I’m suppose to do 14 days in a row. Ergghhhhh. I’m a few days behind.
  • Continue working out 3-4 times a week (3/5): No special goals this month, just staying the rhythm of things. J. has been sick, so haven’t been out to the gym as consistently. Lifting has been consistent.
  • Get an anti-fatigue mat (5/5): Got a basic mat for $30 on sale through Kitchen Stuff Plus. 
  • Close Sunday yoga club (5/5): There hasn’t been much attendance at our Sunday yoga club, sadly. I’ve decided that I want to refocus my energy on new projects and have already made the announcement to have 4 more sessions.
  • Prepare for taxes and collect receipts (3/5): Have not been diligent in this, but have been collecting receipts. I also purchased a desktop copy of TurboTax ($28+tax).
  • Have a “Money Date” with J (3/5):  Got this idea from MoneySense magazine, which I now have a subscription to. We did take an evening and sat down together to discuss future plans.
  • image

  • Ask for automotive discount due to Ontario law (0/5): Argh, put this off again. Will have to do this next month.
Professional Development
  • Apply to OAME conference (5/5): Been approved by the school for professional development. Registered for all the workshops for all 3 days. Now just need to submit a request for absence as I won’t be back for the first day after Goose Break.
  • Get to work earlier (0/5): Been struggling to get out of bed. I’ve developed a bad habit of lying around. Nope, this is a big, fat fail.
  • Two blog posts on teaching blog (5/5): No special posts, but I did make two posts on my teaching blog.
  • Reference letters (3/5): Get two reference letters from the former principal and also the current VP. Only have one so far. Move this
  • Research Ontario public schools (3/5): I’ve been contacting fellow teachers who are now working in Ontario. Slowly been gathering information and putting important points and dates into Evernote. Also read the latest Professionally Speaking quarterly magazine, which said that the unemployment rate for science and math teachers is 1 in 4 (this is a good thing)Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 8.16.24 PM
  • Use Geogebra in the classroom (2/5): Nope, dragging my feet on this one for a couple of months now. Although the next Grade 10 unit will be a perfect fit for Geogebra … need to get on this.
  • Go back to using foldables (3/5): I used two foldable templates that my lifting partner, K., gave me. It was great for our technology unit. I now have lots and lots of templates, hurrah!
  • Make a Term 2 Assignment checklist (5/5): Useful for Sec 5 math, need one for science. This worked quite well. I should try to have one for next year too and it be distributed at the beginning of the year.
  • Look into HootSuite for social media management (0/5): Fail. I hate the platform for HootSuite! I don’t get it!!! This is the third time I’ve tried and it is ridiculously frustrating.

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