First Crochet Piece

Lately, I’ve been learning how to do things I hate.

Well, to be specific, I have taken on hobbies or been working on skills that I was never particularly interested in. My mom lent me her knitting needles and crochet hook and during the Infomagical Challenge a couple of weeks ago, I used this opportune time to get started. I watched a few videos off YouTube, including this one:

Initially, I was using a 3.5 mm hook that my mom had lent me. I definitely struggled in the beginning. Having light-coloured yellow yarn probably added to the difficulty. I never did keep that piece, but after attending a “stitch and bitch” at a coworker’s house last weekend, I got to borrow a 6.0 mm hook.

I decided to have another go at it. Worked on this piece late last night and this is what it looked like:


Made some Thai curry for lunch, then spent this afternoon working on it in the afternoon sun in the living room.

Ta-da! Here is the final product!

There are a few mistakes here and there, if you look closely and I’m definitely missing a few stitches. Eventually, as it became more squarish, I decided that I’d finish it and use it as a teacup coaster at work.

Of course, I needed to review the video again just to see how to close off.

Then I realized OMIGAWD, I NEVER PUT A SINGLE CHAIN AT THE END OF EACH ROW!!!! ARGHHHH!! Ah well, no wonder the end of each row looked so messed up and seemed so odd.


I’ll know this for next time.


2 thoughts on “First Crochet Piece

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