Fixing My Deadlifts

Sometimes a basic cue that you’ve been using gets lost as you start focusing on other aspects, so it’s always good to review starting techniques that you used as a novice.

Yesterday, I made a new PR on deadlifts at 105 lbs. I felt that something was ‘off’ though, when initiating my movement, so I rewatched Alan Thrall’s “How to Deadlift” video:

You can see I’m looking down too much, as Thrall notes, causing the hips to shoot high too quickly and not allowing myself to use as much leg drive at the bottom. It is quite visible, as I’m looking down at the ground:

The red flag that my body was giving me was too much pressure in the low back from my pick-up. Therefore, the fix should be:

  • lift the chin slightly
  • push firmly through the heels from pick-up
  • actively squeeze the legs to get them engaged
  • squeeze the glutes

Like I said, always good to go back to the basics and check if everything is in order!


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