First Rebate

A few months ago, a student introduced me to Basically, the program is set up to track online purchases and in return for the data that they collect on you, you receive a small cashback on your purchases (usually varies between 1-5% with increased incentives during holidays and long weekends). The company has been around for a long time and I recall hearing about it many years ago, but I never did much online shopping until I moved up north.

Out of curiosity, I used my student’s referral code, so that I could get a $5 bonus and she received $10. Since then, I’ve made a few purchases through Ebates. Mind you, I didn’t shop more than usual. I made purchases I would have done anyway – birthday present for mom, a few books for myself and some household goods from Yesterday, I got my first cashback through Paypal – $14.70! Not a lot, but hey, I have no problem getting free money!

If you’re curious, you can always start an account using my referral link.



3 thoughts on “First Rebate

  1. Totally signed up. Thanks! Wished I had signed up earlier because I just made a bunch of purchase at EBay, The Bay online and

    • Ack!! That’s too bad. I’m glad you joined. Just make sure you aren’t doing extra shopping motivated by the cashback 😉

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