New Numbers: Squats and Deadlifts

Since I’ve started squatting with gym buddies, I have to say that my Friday afternoons always end awesome! It was a bonus that my hips were feeling open and that a pair of knee sleeves* came in the mail from

I filmed my back squats from a different angle and noticed a itty-bitty amount of “butt wink”. This is when – at the bottom of a squat – your butt looks like it’s tucking under. In another words, it looks like you’re tucking your tailbone:

I was upset to see this on the video feedback, but after according to Alan Thrall, it might just be hypermobility in my lumbar spine and that I’m not actually tucking my pelvis under. Anywhoooo, it won’t hurt to include some hamstring work in the warm-up. Will keep an eye out in future sets.

And my favourite – DEADLIFTS! Conventional deadlifts were fairly solid and I hit a new PR at 110 lbs, although I should run the barbell closer to the thighs. Pulling the barbell taunt***, which tricks the whole body into engaging, has definitely stopped me from putting the weight into my low back.

I have to say it’s been interesting since I started lifting regularly from November 2015. It’s become a regular part of my weekly routine and I realize I wouldn’t be this committed if it weren’t for my two gym partners, H. and K.


However, I’ve been conservative with increasing the weights, ever since the minor setbacks I’d had in February**. I thought I’d have hit my bodyweight by now, but I’m not having any self pity. While I didn’t move up in numbers as fast as I hoped, I know it’s better to err on the side of caution. I’ve already seen one colleague go from working out three or four times at the gym to suddenly dropping out, all because he was moving too much weight, too fast and exacerbated pre-existing conditions, as well as injuring his back.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 7.34.46 AM
My own minor injuries I had forced me to really dissect my squats, develop better cues and improve my overall form. And it’s a reminder that you can’t actually move up in weight if your form is full of kinks. So I am thankful that being forced to take a step back is an opportunity to help us move forward more purposefully and more safely, and helps us reevaluate what success really means.

*I stupidly lost the first set at the gym after I used them … once.

**Tight hips and a sensitive knee 

***Another tip I got from Alan Thrall


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