Monthly Goals – March Madness

  • Start Strength Builder I (2/5): This is the second weightlifting Cody plan in the bundle I purchased last year. Originally, I wanted to start this at the beginning of March but we pushed it back to April. So just at the end of the month, we managed to start the first workout. Didn’t get through all the sets, but there is a a bit of learning curve with anything. I’ve scheduled everything out for April, so my lifting partners and I will be going through all four workouts  – squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press – at least once before our Goose (Hunting) Break holidays.
  • Start studying physiology books (0/5): I wanted to brush up on my physio for the upcoming yoga intensive in July. This fell by the wayside. Moving this goal to May.
  • Return to yoga (5/5): Tested out Making Shape Cody plan for a couple of weeks in February, but refunded it when I felt it is too easy. Spent some time exploring old Cody yoga plans and also revisiting several aspects of Ashtanga. Also putting in some hours for jump through and jump backs. Been doing pretty well and I can offically say I’m back on yoga!!
  • Order a few books on Indigo – Financial books (5/5): Ordered some through Ebates for an extra 5% cashback. Got two books.
  • Do my taxes (4/5): Yep, did this with the help of my mom on Turbo Tax! She ran the numbers on her end, and I started it and then she helped me finish up to make sure we both had the same numbers.
Professional Development / Job-Hunting
  • Two blog posts for professional portfolio (0/5): Doh, I totally forgot about this. I meant to write one about Quizlet and Geogebra. Argh.
  • Become more familiar with Apply to Education website (3/5): I understand how to sign up for job alerts, what needs to be filled out, etc. They have a great help line that you can call during regular business hours. If you call in the evening, they tend to pick up faster.
  • Start Phase 2 of Pimsleur Mandarin (5/5): Completed the first unit twice and also created some digital flashcards on Quizlet to help me recognize the characters. I know about 70% of these characters already, but often, I read them in Cantonese.
  • Get training for Geogebra (5/5): Received a half-day of training on Geogebra through the school board. I’m excited to see so many aspects fitting into the Grade 11 curriculum (i.e. graph theory, area and volume). I feel much more comfortable with it now. My students also spent two periods working on the software, so I was able to apply the knowledge right away!
  • Explore Quizlet in depth (4/5): Purchased ($25 USD) at the beginning of March; getting students to install their accounts. Encourages a sense of healthy competition. It makes me so happy to hear them practicing and spelling their words.

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