Ruminations on Banks, Credit Cards and Reward Programs

Back in October 2015, I canceled my old American Express and switched over to an American Express Gold through the Ontario College of Teachers’ perks program, which normally has an annual fee of $150/year, but is $100/year for teachers.

Officially, this is the first charge card, but the annual fee is waived in the first year. With the bonus points for opening a new account, I’ve already cashed in one $100 Esso gas card. And recently, after having charged my DisneyWorld vacation to my account, I ordered another $100 Esso gas card with 13,000 points*. I ordered it last week and it just arrived in Toronto, which will be perfect for my upcoming 2-week holiday when I’m feeling broke! So until October 2018, the card has covered its own fees.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 12.11.20 AM

As for my TD Rewards Rebate card, I’m still assessing whether I want to keep it or not. In 2014, I got $182.04 in rebates and in 2015, I got $150.36. For now it’s okay, but I see that Tangerine has come out with a Mastercard that gives a much better rebate program than my TD Rewards Rebate.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 12.09.52 AM

Hmmm, should I switch over? I’ve never had a MasterCard before.

The more I think about it, the more it seems that I really don’t profit from having a TD Canada account. But the more I think about it, I feel like I should just close this account and use Tangerine:

  1. Accessing ATMs: I always preferred being with TD because I could walk into a branch nearly anywhere in big cities and be able to get cash. But being in the north, I don’t live near any of the branches. In fact, I go through most of my days not buying anything at all. I barely use cash, ever.**
  2. Cashing cheques: Again, I don’t live near any TD branches. The Tangerine app works pretty damn fine when it comes to depositing cheques. And my employer has started to streamline their system more and more, so I rarely get cheques anymore.
  3. Investments: I don’t use TD to invest at all. It also irked me to see that, as of March 31st, 2016, they are implementing a $75 fee for any TSFAs that are transferred out of their bank! Not cool!
  4. Paycheques: Yep, I could switch this over to Tangerine. I don’t have to be paid through TD.
  5. Fees: No fees in Tangerine at all. For TD, while I just need to maintain $1500. But it’s $1500 that gets no interest … UGHHHH!!!! And while interest rates are at a record low, even if they’re sitting in my Tangerine ISA, I’d get 0.8% on that $1500, which would be $12. Last year, in Tangerine, I got $42 in interest alone. In TD, NADAAAAA!!! I hate paying fees, it does happen, because of the next point …
  6. Auto payments: This is where my payments are coming out of right now. Sometimes I forget how much is in my checking account and when the payment is withdrawn, it goes under $1500 and I pay the monthly fee, even if I spot it the same day and top it up. I could call up Honda and ask if it could be switched over to another financial institution.
  7. Auto insurance: Meloche Monex keeps charging me more and more. They jacked up my monthly insurance by $20 last year!!! I need to shop around for a better rate.

Soooooooo … why am I even with TD, still?!?!? Funny, I started this blog post simply on credit cards and now I feel like I’ve realized I need to end a dysfunctional and manipulative relationship that’s been going on too long!

I guess what concerns me is that my tax rebates comes through TD right now. While I could close the account, I would need to be in Toronto to deal with some of the loose ends and make sure everything is transferred over properly if I do decided to shut it.

*Under the old points system, this would have had a monetary value of $162.50. So take note, even if the deal is good to start, things might change on you!

**Except for donuts, now that Tim Horton’s has opened up a branch at our local supermarket.


5 thoughts on “Ruminations on Banks, Credit Cards and Reward Programs

  1. I love Tangerine as my main bank. The only annoyance is I can only pull money out at Scotiabank but that’s not an issue for me as I prefer debit/credit. And I’m in Toronto so there’s Scotiabanks everywhere mostly.

    Also, I recommend the Tangerine MC. I always say that everyone should have at least one Visa and one Mastercard because some stores only take one and not the other. Also the Tangerine MC is pretty good. And they’re offering an amazing sign-up bonus right now. The only downside is that they don’t have the MC tap which is annoying.

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