Countdown to the Holidays!

Up north on the east James Bay, we do not have Spring Break. So while everyone has had the opportunity to have a refreshing break in March, we’ve still been holding out for ours! We have to slog through four months before we get our 2-week “Goose Hunting Break”. With such a long period, the amount of anxiety and stress among teachers, staff and students is palpable in the air.

And while attendance at the school has been lacking, I still chug on with the students that come. I want them to understand that school is important even if there are only 1 out of 5 students in class right now. I make them work. I still make them learn. They will have a benefit of having extra help that will carry them forward when we come back from our break.

This morning, we worked on climate change questions on and reviewed our vocabulary words on Quizlet. The few Grade 11s that showed up worked on functions and we practiced using slope-intercept forms on our portable whiteboards.

But tomorrow is the last day, so screw it … we are going to play board games and watch movies!!


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