Monthly Goals – April

  • Start Strength Builder I plan (3/5): Purchased the entire Krissy Cagney bundle last year. I did start this plan and the goal was to do each workout once before May, but I only did 3 of the 4. We got super lazy close to the Goose Break holidays and I bailed on the deadlifts. I know, I know … that’s my favourite workout too!
  • Return to barre work (1/5): Without any structure, I don’t do enough glute and hamstring work. Need this to fix the knocked knees. Going back to Barre Sculpt I on Cody app. Only did one of the workouts twice. Transferring the goal to May.
Professional Development / Job Hunting
  • Two blog posts on teaching blog (5/5): Made two posts.
  • Study Mandarin (4/5): Completed phase 2, unit 2. Onwards to unit 3!
  • Set up reference letters (3/5): I have one reference letter so far from a principal that no longer works at our school board. I did have a meeting and confirmed that my principal and VP will be able to write letters for me in the fall. This goal will be for September. It seems a bit weird, but once I have made a written agreement to stay for the next school year, the administration is not allowed to write reference letters for us until the year ends.


  • Learn how to make a QR code (0/5): Saw this idea mentioned in the OCT magazine, but totally forgot about it. Wasn’t feeling motivated the past month as my vacation was getting close. This is normal. Not going to guilt myself over this at all.

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