Kickstarter: DIY Vegan Cheese

I have, for a few years, wanted to make my own vegan cheese. A few years ago, while I was moving up north, I purchased a giant bag of raw cashews. They are not cheap! I wasn’t particularly inspired to try it out and the expensive cashews eventually went stale. I made a dip with a small batch of the cashews, but eventually threw out the rest.

I know, I live in Quebec and am constantly tempted to eat their delicious, tasty and affordable, locally-made cheese. And it’s not a secret that cheese is highly addictive. I love eating cheese, but knowing how much cruelty is involved in the dairy industry, I should be eating as a vegan. Friends and acquaintances have pointed me towards vegan alternatives that would be healthier and I still have not made a second attempt at vegan cheese-making.

So when I saw this tonight, I thought, this is perfect for me! I threw down $66 for this Kickstarter (I’ve actually never been a backer before) and am now encouraging others to support it too. I do hope this goes through, because if it works well, I hope that I can have a reliable way of making vegan cheese and not support an inhumane industry.

Check out this Kickstarter if you can, and if even if you’re not interested in backing it, maybe you have some lactose-intolerant friends who are!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.22.46 PM


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