Bright Sun Films: “Abandoned” Series

Four weeks ago, I spent part of my Goose Hunting Break at DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida. While I didn’t write much about my recent trip to DisneyWorld, I have to say that I have been reading a lot of Disney history since coming back.

While doing my research before the trip, I watched one of the “Abandoned” mini-documentaries by Bright Sun Films. They have been quite addictive and after my trip, I started watching more. If you’ve been to DisneyWorld as a child – this was my fourth trip, but my first as an adult – old memories definitely start popping up as you recognize old rides and attractions that no longer exist.

While I haven’t watched all of them yet, here are my favourite videos. Enjoy!

  • Disney’s Discovery Island – The island that gave birth to Animal Kingdom. I never knew about this place, but it would have been pretty awesome to check out the island when it was abandoned!
  • Wonders of Life – I forgot about Body Wars, but I definitely went on the ride inside Horizons! Bit miffed that I didn’t get to go inside the building as it’s not entirely abandoned, but is now a seasonally-active building. We lined up at Epcot to go in for the annual Flower and Garden Show and as we were waiting for a free ticket, we happened to have just missed out on the last set. ARGH!!!

If you’re still hungry for more Disney facts, check out D23*.

*The site is named after the year 1923 , the year that Walt Disney moved to California and is the same year that the Disney Company started.


4 thoughts on “Bright Sun Films: “Abandoned” Series

  1. Horizons was so inspiring to me! I used to totally stress out over which career to choose at the end- under sea or was I thought was farming on Mars. Watching the video I guess it wasn’t Mars haha I was really young. I annoyed my brother and mom because I made them ride again just because I couldn’t make up my mind🙈

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