Experiments with Vegan Food

I enjoy cooking. I don’t enjoy cooking all the time, mind you, but living up north as a vegetarian, I don’t have much choice. We might go out once a week for lunch, but I pretty much have to cook whatever I want to eat.

When I came back from Goose Hunting Break about two weeks ago, I was able to pick up a few new vegan products. My sister gave me a pack of Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg powder. As well, Montreal’s new Gusta Foods started stocking the shelves at IGA in Val D’Or. I actually ended up grabbing the very last set of Italian-style sausages and a grating block) the day I went through town.

Last weekend, I played around with the Vegan Egg. While I’ve only ever purchased one other egg-alternative product*, the Vegan Egg seemed really simple to use. You simply mixed it with water and throw it in the pan to work as a scramble. The texture was great and it was super easy to make, but the problem was that it didn’t taste like ANYTHING! It just has the consistency of soft, wet tofu.

If it comes down to having a good brunch item, I’d rather make my own tofu scramble with chanterelles and black salt. This product might be better used as a quiche or a substitute in a breakfast burrito.


This weekend, I played around with Gusta’s grating block, which is used as a cheese substitute. The block is mainly made of cashews and nutritional yeast and I happened to have the strong flavour (since it was the last block, I’m not sure which other flavours there were, I’m assuming mild and medium). The block itself doesn’t look like much, but using a knife, I hacked off chunks of the grating block onto some sautéed white button mushrooms. Unfortunately, I left it on the pan a bit too long and some of the chunks touching the cast iron pan just melted and dissolved. I figured that this would actually make a good cheese curd substitute on a vegan poutine; unfortunately, I didn’t have any brown gravy mix on me, so I’ll have to try this another time!


Not much else happening this weekend!

*I’d purchased a pack of The Vegg during a visit to Porland, Oregon a few years ago. 


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