Summer Dreams: New York City

Spring is slowing rolling into the north.

We’ve had some interesting past weeks in terms of weather; the temperature has been going up and down, up and down for most of May. There was enough packing snow to make a solid snowball. Then in just a few days, it all melted and my students started complaining about how hot it was in my class. We’ve experienced every number between zero and twenty-five Celsius this month!

Regardless, I decided to continue with my summer vacation plans. Since we found out our uncle, our late father’s youngest brother, recently had fairly invasive surgery, we decided that we will be headed to New York City for a family visit. It’ll be nice to spend some time with our cousins too, J. and T.

Pretty excited to be seeing the Big Apple again! The last time I visited, I was there for a bachlorette party. Funny enough, I’m no longer in touch with any of those women any more. This isn’t unusual, considering how often close friends can disappear from your life after your wedding, although sometimes the reasons stem from the wedding itself. Ahhh well, life goes on.

Anyway, I booked my flights for my mom and I through Air Canada. We used some of my Aeroplan points as well, but all in all, it came out to $527.16 for two people, or $263.58. Not particularly the best price, but reasonable. Subsequently, I spent most of Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon mapping out all the restaurants that I’d like to eat at. At this rate, if my mother doesn’t start chiming in, we will be eating vegan the whole trip!

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 2.26.36 PM
I realize that the amount of energy and time I put into researching food is probably not normal. But it’s probably not surprising that I’ve already written 301 Yelp reviews, including 108 FTRs*. And that when I recently went to DisneyWorld, I pretty much did the same thing by spending several hours reading food blogs, making notes and researching which DisneWorld restaurants had the best vegan dinners.

For now, I should take a break. I do have to put together final exams that are due on Friday. We will still need to book our hotels – AirBnB probably isn’t the best choice for this trip – but that can be tackled later.

Just 5 more weeks of work left!

*FTR = First to Review. No, I’m not bragging. There are other Yelpers who are far more obsessive. I love crowdsourced projects that help everyone, so I tend not to review places that 218 other people have already written about.


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