Monthly Goals – May

May flew by quick. The first week was the end of my Goose Hunting Break and then it was back to work, gearing up to prep my students for the final exams. Things have picked up pace at work again, so the month really went fast!
  • Try a crossfit class (5/5): Another coworker encouraged me to do this, as she’s been obsessed with crossfit. Even though it was out of my comfort zone, I registered for a free consultation class at Crossfit Canuck during my GooseBreak. This nearly killed me. I left nauseated, having dry-heaved in the bathroom, but impressed that I was able to do the conditioning workout in 9:06 (everyone else finished over 8 minutes). It reminded me that I am capable of much more and that I need to increase the complexity and efficiency of my workouts. I tend to take a long time and our workouts drag longer than necessary. Not likely to continue crossfit – to be honest, I hated it –  but it was a much-needed wake-up call.
  • Take a yoga class (5/5): Took two yoga classes in Barrie at the Bliss Ann Green Yoga Studio. Tried aerial yoga and a vinyasa class. Had an amazing time for $30!
  • Improve nutrition for workout (3/5): Listened to a great interview with Brendan Brazier on the No Meat Athlete podcast. It made me realize that eating before, during and after a workout is important. Started using Vega gels during some of my more intense workouts.  Also downloaded My Fitness Pal on the recommendation from a friend; I didn’t end up following through as I find food tracking burdensome. I’d rather just focus on eating better. Lastly, I bought the book Thrive Fitness by Brendan Brazier and have been reading it. Not much has changed otherwise, so I need a game plan for the summer.
  • Do barre regularly (1/5): Only did barre twice this month.
  • Look into PD for 2016-2017 (3/5): Have $900 a year as a full-time teacher with my school board, that can be used towards professional development. Been brainstorming and haven’t settled on anything yet, but I’ve found out I’m not eligible to get an AQ for Computer Studies.
  • HaikuLearning (2/5): Currently, I track my students’ grades through, as not many sites are set up for standards-based grading (SBG). HaikuLearning now owns ActiveGrade and the site is being sunsetted. I started transferring the curriculum expectations over to the new LMS. I’m looking forward to trying it out next year and spend a couple of hours feeling it out.
  • Get tires changed (5/5): Put my summer tires on and stored the winters at Honda Val D’Or.
  • Call CAA for a car insurance quote (0/5): Nope.
  • Set up shared bank account for J. and I (4/5): It was getting to be a nuisance that – in the past 3 years – the two of us just took turns buying things. The past year, I was tracking our purchases and trying to figure out when it became imbalanced; it was a lot of unnecessary work when only one of us is doing the tracking. So the most obvious choice is to get a shared bank account. J. wanted to do it through BMO for his convenience, but as I explained all the money lost through lack of interest if we were to stick with the big banks, I convinced him to try Tangerine. We tried to get a $100 bonus on Tangerine, but someone kinda dragged their feet and I don’t think we were able to make the deadline. Anyway, next month, the goal is to get the new Tangerine cash-back card under his name, and then I can get a secondary card. This will make purchasing groceries and supplies a lot easier and will also help him with his credit rating.

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