Avoiding Retail Therapy

I don’t consider myself someone who throws my money around, but I have been aching to do some retail therapy. Of course, since I am going away for the summer, I know I will be spending a lot of money, so the best thing right now is not to do any shopping.

I looked around the house and decided to use things I had purchased, but hadn’t taken full advantage of yet. A few things I came across:

  • A paperback of Bill Bryson’s Neither Here Nor There as well as the audiobook
  • A Rodney Yee DVD I haven’t used yet
  • A half-used bottle of Manduka yoga mat cleaner
  • Cold brew teas I purchased at Epcot Centre in the British pavilion

I took some time just to look at the items or use them. It seems silly, but just looking around the house and trying to find things that you haven’t had a chance to use helped me get over the urge to buy anything new. It also helped me appreciate that I have the disposable income to buy it (and to stuff it on a shelf and forget about it, ha!)

I do look forward to getting some new clothes when I’m down south  in a week!


4 thoughts on “Avoiding Retail Therapy

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  2. I’m actually going on a shopping ban for a month, with the exception of items I need when I move into the new apartment. It’s hard because I have to replace basically all my cutlery and appliances. I might rename it to “mindful shopping”, so as long as I have an actual purpose for my purchases, I’m ok.

    Have you read blonde on a budget? She has a GREAT series on her two year shopping ban and what she learned from it. Totally worth a read.

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