New Squat Shoes: Reebok Lifters 2.0

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’re aware that I’ve been weightlifting since November 2015. But since being on summer holidays, I’ve taken a break from the squat rack.*

I plan on continuing with my weightlifting program in the fall, but am realizing that it may help to have squat shoes if I want to progress farther. I tried on the older Reebok Lifters 2.0 in April, but held off since the price tag was still $160. I even tried on the newer Reebook Lifters 2.0 Plus in New York City last week, but had to put my foot down – despite a 40% discount – when my sister pointed out that the updated version had leather on the toes.

So I was elated today when I stopped at the King’s Crossing Outlet Stores in Kingston this afternoon and bought the older version. Of course, the only trade off was that I had to buy another two item to get the 30% (picked up two more pairs of leggings). I spent a lot of time scouring the internet, trying to figure out if this shoe was fully vegan. For some reason, the materials are not listed on the website and the only reference I can find is an email from Reebok posted on this blog. There is no confirmation that the adhesives in the shoes are vegan-friendly, but I decided that this was okay, knowing that the shoe was mainly all man-made materials.


So I am happy that I finally have squat shoes!!! It took 4 months of waiting, but I’m happy that I finally got a pair!

*I did drop in to Goodlife with a friend on one occasion, but otherwise, have been mostly doing yoga. 


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