Yoga Intensive with Kathryn Bruni Young – Day 2

Forgot to update in the last post that, while I’m no longer in New York, I’m not in Toronto either! I’ve gone off to Cornwall, Ontario, just 4 hours east for a 5-day yoga and mobility workshop.

Currently on day 2 and my shins are sore! Lots of great stuff that I have been learning about what good mobility and functional movement program looks like. In fact, we have been doing nearly everything except yoga.

I won`t write too much here, but you`re welcome to read some of my detailed notes that I`ve posted on my Cody App account. If you`re interested in learning more about the instructor, check out Kathryn Bruni-Young`s webpage or her Instagram account.

Here`s a fast motion video of some of the mobility work we did today. Enjoy!


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