Crochet Night a.k.a. Giving Things Another Chance

I first attempted to crochet back in February. I didn’t have anyone to help me and only had a tiny 3.5 mm hook. I learned off a YouTube and while it was quite a struggle, it wasn’t bad for a first attempt.

Then my second attempt was even worse and I made some crappy triangle because I wasn’t checking how many stitches or whatever they’re called. So while a coworker gave me a 6.0 mm hook, I never found the initiative to buy more yarn and give it another go.

Tonight, as part of our 5-day yoga intensive, we visited a scrapbooking and craft store. The 6 of us had lots of fun (only one other person had crocheted before) and we got a lot of good laughs in. All the materials and support were given to us, including a teacher, yarn and a big fat 10.0 mm hook. After the first 45 minutes, it clicked and I actually finished a full headscarf! I’m so proud! Had so much fun!



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