Take-Aways from Yoga Intensive

My 5-day yoga / mobility course finished yesterday. There was soooo much I absorbed, but a few things of note were:

  • More muscle awareness and activation is needed in yoga: Passive stretching is out.
  • I need to measure my macros: I’ve been meaning to start this, but my classmate J., who is a physiotherapist, assured me to just start logging on MyFitnessPal. She said I’ll slowly figure it out. While I was eating extremely well this week, I know that if I can clean up my diet even just a smidge, this could help me a lot with my overall strength training when I return to the squat rack. Here is my food intake from today. I look at the macros (i.e. carbs, fats, proteins, sugars) at the bottom and have no idea what they mean. It looks like I do consume ample protein though.


  • My shoulders slump … a lot: Just a couple of weeks, my friend did an exercise with me and suggested that I had weak serratus. This past week, my instructor kept cuing me to `draw my shoulders back`. ARGHHHHH. I need to revisit my Focused Flexibility plan from Gold Medal Bodies. I believe that working on the shoulder may help to stabilize and strength the area, which may reduce the tendency for my shoulders to slope.
  • My head slopes forward: This video suggest strengthening the sub-occipital muscles to help with this issue.



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