Monthly Goals – July

Another meeeeh month for goals.

This has been partially affected by Evernote’s recent changes to the pricing plan. I’d been riding it for free for quite a number of years now, but as of July, basic (free) users will be able to use Evernote only on two mobile devices. This makes it harder for me to update, considering that I work off four devices (i.e. iPad, cellphone, work laptop, Macbook Air). Honestly though, it’s probably mostly my fault that I haven’t been keeping on top of things.

So rather than just write a bunch of failed goals, here are just my health ones. Whatevvvvs. The summer is for emotional, physical and mental recharge time. Goal achieved.

  • Drink smoothies (0/5): Nope, I didn’t even try on this one.
  • Try new forms of workouts (5/5): Played at the obstacle course park in Toronto, Iyengar yoga, Indian clubs, Pilates/reformer, ring work … next year, parkour park!
  • Get a massage (5/5): Part of my preventative mental and physical health care. I hate paying a lot, but I indulge at least once or twice a year. This was great! $60 near my mom’s house. Sighhh … too bad I can’t claim it.
  • Start using MyFitnessPal (4/5): J. from my course encouraged me to just do it. Yeah, it’s annoying but don’t think too hard and just log the meals. Right now I’ve just been collecting data. I would like to break down the pattern of my macro-intake so eventually I’ll analyze it in early September (August might be a bit crazy).

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