Make-Over on the Make-Up

If you know me, I often wear a bare face. I’m pretty bad at putting make-up on and sometimes I won’t want to wear it simply because it’s a pain in the ass to take it off at the end of the day.

My day-to-day facial regime is quite simple; most mornings, I use a wet cloth to wash my face. Sometimes I put on facial cream and under eye cream, but usually there are zero products on my face.

Granted, I know I need to work on my make-up application skills. I do actually enjoy it on the rare occasion, but realize that if I am going to be networking and doing interviews, I should get more practice with my make-up. My good friend, B., bought me gel eyeliner last Christmas, but I draw on wings with the dexterity of a 3-year-old. Then I just get very self-conscious when I’m wearing it …. sigh.

I had intended to go into Sephora during the summer and do a make-over, plus pick up some new products. But things got busy and I just wanted to go out and have fun …. needless to say, it fell on my list of priorities. The biggest issue is actually just finding vegan and cruelty-free products*. Usually, I use ignorance as the main excuse, and decided it was time to do some serious research.

I knew it would be a pain in the butt, but this morning, I finally did it!

It took about 2 hours to make sure every thing I purchased was entirely vegan, including make-up brushes**. Honestly, I’m glad it’s done. I’d been putting it off for quite a while and just need to cross it off the list.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 1.00.24 PM

*I currently use blush and bronzer from Physician’s Formula, but not every single of their products are vegan. Same for Urban Decay. This makes things a huge headache in general because fully vegan brands tend to have a very small selection of products.
**I once accidentally bought a generic Sephora-brand brush, only to realize it was made with boar’s hair. Went and got a refund.


7 thoughts on “Make-Over on the Make-Up

  1. kat Von D products are vegan, I’m pretty sure all of it. And let me know about the foundation too! I’m doing a few interviews in September and it’s a pain to put on mineral foundation.

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