Testing Out Vegan Make-up Products

Update: Found out that the blush is not vegan and is made with carmine. ARGH.

Since I dropped some big money on Sephora recently and am home alone for another weekend, I played around with my make-up this morning. I’ve got a good record at being TERRIBLE at make-up, so I need lots of practice. Here’s what I used this morning:

For application:

All the products I used today were completely vegan except my mascara from Lancome, whose parent company L’Oréal still tests on animals. I don’t know if the product is vegan itself, but I’ve never given a cent to Lancôme. This was my friend’s unused free samples which I nabbed a while ago. Eventually, I’ll buy a vegan mascara but I try hard not to create waste and just use up old products first, even if they weren’t cruelty-free.

As a vegetarian trying to be vegan, this is a reminder that many of us are trying to move in the right direction, so don’t be judgmental and rude if not everything we use isn’t vegan! This is progress for me in a lot of ways, so support others who are doing the same.

It’s gonna take a few years, but eventually I’d like to phase out the products from non-vegan companies (except Urban Decay, because they’re really moving in the right direction!). Like I said, it’d be wasteful to throw out products that I have. It’s too bad it’s such a headache to do all this research!!



4 thoughts on “Testing Out Vegan Make-up Products

  1. Beautiful!! If you find a vegan mascara that does run down your face in an hour let me know! Maybe it’s the humidity here, but I’m still looking. And in all honesty not that hard because they are quite expensive/ I’ve spent $23 once on one!

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