Getting into Meal Prep

The benefits of living close to your work is that you don’t have to do a lot of meal prep. I can go home at lunch and actually cook something from scratch for both J. and I.

However, I know that this can negatively impact our portion size. Doing things on a whim means that we might be eating more than normal* as we finish everything in the pan / bowl / plate / pot. It also means that I am not using my time quite as effectively if I’m always coming up with a plan on the fly. Right now, that doesn’t affect me very much, but when I move back south, I won’t have as much time to mull over the recipe book.

So I decided to try something new with the reusable food containers in the house. I can’t remember where I initially saw this idea, but I cut out small pieces of blackboard stickers and labelled my food containers. In this way, I can decide how large each serving is. It also becomes less work and stress when I come back home for dinner.

It will be interesting to see how these stickers hold up to dishwashing. Right now, I don’t think they’ll do that well, but this is an experiment and I will adjust based on what happens. 

Both the chalkboard sticker and the dustless chalk were purchased off Amazon three years ago, so I didn’t spend any money doing this.

I will probably need to buy more reusable containers though! I can’t believe how many I used today already. The cupboard feels bare!

What do you do for meal prep? Do you meal prep?
*J. has complained about this. He says I make him fat. I complain that he eats too much and then blames it on me.


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