Getting Things Covered: School Supplies

Earlier this week, I received reimbursement for school supplies (~$1000) that I had picked up over the summer.

While there is no shortage of academic supplies – the cupboards have lots of algebra manipulative, Bohr models and textbooks – I felt that, in my fourth year with this school board, I could finally purchase “not so academic” supplies. These purchases help with the environment of the classroom to reduce stress and to help with better mental health for students; sadly, I feel that these are aspects of the classroom that are often neglected. Some examples include:

  • Yoga mats ($150)
  • Boogie board” tablet* ($40) Specifically for a selective mute student that I work with. You can write on the tablet and then use a button that activates a 3-V battery that wipes the slate clean again. She will be using it to communicate with me when she needs help or has to ask a question.
  • Door mats for shoes (12 x 6 – $80) – Reduces the dirt coming in since I have made it a shoeless classroom this year
  • Foam play mats ($132) – For high traffic areas of our classroom. This keeps our feet warm off the linoleum floor.

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 2.22.31 AM.png

I admit, I looooove shopping and spending money that’s not my own! It’s great that I have such a big budget to work with and don’t have to ask for every item to be pre-approved.

The mats were pre-approved by the principal, of course. I will eventually be starting a yoga club at the elementary school. I’ve bought a couple of yoga DVDs to my mother’s house by Amazon Prime* and she will mail it up to me.

As I go through the list though, I’m also reminded that there are many things I am able to cover on this generous classroom budget. In the south, I’d likely be buying my own:

  • Teacher’s lesson planner ($19)
  • Miracle Bind notebook** ($11)
  • USB memory stick ($5)
  • Japanese washi tape ($13)

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 2.25.08 AM.png

Part of me is writing this post as a reminder for the future. When I transition back to the city, I won’t have a $2200 classroom budget anymore!!! Better enjoy this while it lasts …

*Currently trying out a free trial until October 5th. Wow, my mom got a shipment the next day!
**These are great when your provincial ministry of education decides to change the curriculum every year. The pages are removable and you can reinsert them into another part of the notebook


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