Monthly Goals – October

I had mentioned in September I wasn`t very focused on following my monthly goals* In an effort to change this, I started writing the goals down in my new bullet journal instead. As this is my day-to-day planner, I can refer to them more frequently. I feel that this is working well so far, but I will still continue to write my reviews on my blog, of course!

Health and Fitness

  • Get back into Cody (3/5): Started getting back to the gym, although the past two weeks haven’t been very good with the boyfriend getting sick. I could have gone after work without him, but sometimes we just end up leaving work together … yeah. I started back on Ashley Galvin`s plan, BodyStrong, but didn`t get very far and will continue this in November.
  • Use meal prepping (3/5): Started off generally okay but the past week I slacked off. It didn`t help that the boyfriend was still sick and I just didn`t want to cook for one. Ate random foods here and there.

Teaching and Career

  • Use Desmos activities (5/5): This has been going great! I’ve used about 4 different ones with my students, including Points Collector, Waterline and Polygraph and mentioned this on my teaching blog. Next week, I hope to try out Marbleslides!
  • Choose an Additional Qualification (5/5): I make sure to use the school board’s $900 for professional development. Registered for an educational technology AQ with Queen’s University, paid for the course and just waiting for it to start in the first week of November.
  • Work on a webinar (5/5): Not sure if I had mentioned this, but I found a mentor – a professor from Nipissing University in North Bay, ON. As I will be applying to speak at OAME in Kingston in May 2017, he suggested I do a dry run through a webinar. It went great, even though I had only one attendee. It really helped to get the ideas clear in my head and feel comfortable that I have enough material to contribute at the annual math conference.


  • Close Questrade (0/5): So many times I have failed this. ARGHHHHH @#$^&!@#!@% No one to blame but myself. 
  • Sort financial notes as a couple (4/5): I’ve been slightly frustrated that my partner agree to share notes on Evernote and now doesn’t want to use it. I decided to choose a system that worked best for him – papers in a 3-ring binder. Then we can review our notes of our ‘money dates’.


  • Learn to knit functional items (0.5/5): I bought a large pile of acrylic yarn during the long weekend in Rouyn, QC, but still haven’t been able to find time to dedicate to this. The suggested pattern listed on the label isn’t available …. ARGH! Why would you put a broken URL on your product?!?!?! However, I can still hunt around on for other ideas. Just not a high priority right now, which is completely reasonable, so I am proud that at least I am choosing the correct things to deprioritize on my list. Revisiting this goal in November as I do want some offline activities while I am podcasting.
  • Practice make-up (5/5): I haven’t worn much makeup while teaching, because I really don’t like the kids pointing it out. I did wear it to the teaching workshop I ran last Friday, and it turned out pretty well! Even my brows were okay (although one side was a bit darker than the other … oops).

*This has been partly because Evernote changed the structure of the free accounts and I can no longer check my notes on every single mobile device



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