Running a Workshop at School

It’s a professional development today, meaning no classes to teach. I love when this happens on Fridays! I had been bugging the principal for a while and she finally let me do a Quizlet teaching workshop. In total, I had 12 teachers attend and everyone had fun in the 45-minute session!

One teacher told me that she was glad she came; she hates workshops when they are a waste of time. I reassured her, “If I have something to share, I will never waste your time.”

Also, here’s my make-up. I wasn’t stressed doing it before work and it turned out alright (eyeliner is still hard for me as I still can’t tighten the line … yet). The overall look is a bit softer than the initial test run last weekend. The brows look good (although one got a bit too much mousse and turned black instead of brown). This could be a good casual look, although I still need to figure out how to contour my nose, because otherwise, it looks very flat.



2 thoughts on “Running a Workshop at School

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