Developing a Side Gig

One of my new goals this year is to building my own brand as a teacher. Living in the north means that I have extra time* and I have been using it occasionally for writing posts on my teaching blog, A Sine of Madness. I also have a Twitter account under the same handle and started a public Instagram account to share my teaching ideas earlier this year. I’ve been pushing my blog to the professional community around me and asked my principal to include my latest post in the weekly memo. It increased the number of hits on my page last month!


I try to keep my personal and my professional blogs and media streams separate, but having the professional outlets allow me to build a better reputation, extend my network and increase the chances for hiring in the future. It also increases my confidence as a teacher and makes me enjoy my job a lot more when I have fun exploring new tools.

I would like to figure out other forms of side hustle. This could be an extension of my teaching career, as I’d previously considered developing handouts and lesson plans to sell on TeachersPayTeachers, but design isn’t my strong suit. I don’t know how to use Microsoft Publisher … yet. It doesn’t hurt to develop these skills as knowing how to use Publisher can still be an asset in other ways. I’d also considered developing a YouTube channel of teaching ideas to share and recently purchased a MOOC on Udemy, YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube, just to get an idea of what this might include.** Ultimately though, the goal is to find additional streams of income as a financial buffer.


Having said all this, the whole process executing these ideas could be years in the making. For some people, this could be developing crocheting kits to sell on Etsy or figuring out how to set up rental property. My mother has proposed that I train as a yoga instructor and use that as side income in the future; I’ve already put in a lot of hours of learning and reading, and I enjoy it a lot, so naturally, training would be next step. Of course, I would want to wait until I move back to the south, as I don’t think online yoga teacher training is sufficient!

Otherwise, I’m fooling around with other ideas and working backwards to see what will get me there. I know having a successful number of followers, either on TpT or YouTube, means that you need to be producing quality material and that can take time. And the advantage right now is that I have time in the north … a lot of it.***

How do you use your time after work to build on your side gig

*It takes me 5 minutes to commute to work.

**I made use of a huge sale on Udemy back in September and purchased the course for $24. 

***The downside to having all this time is that I can’t go hang out with my friends, see family, go to farmer’s markets or go to the mall. Trade-offs. But you make the most of life.


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