Tangerine: New Joint Checking Account

Tomorrow will be November. I am declaring that the upcoming month the month of Doing Shit I Have Been Putting Off.

Most of us have a few to-do lists: our dailies, weeklies and monthlies. Some of us also have a checklist of big tasks we want to achieve within the calendar year. However, lately I feel the pressure of seeing many tasks I’ve put off.

Over the weekend, I finally crossed off one task that has been bugging me for a while: setting up a joint checking account with my boyfriend. We’ve been living together for at least 3 years now, just sharing the expenses here or there but not doing any tracking. Naturally though, it’s time to start merging our finances.

We had both brought up the idea of setting up a shared account, but being far away from any banks* made it difficult just to talk to anyone about our options. Eventually, seeing that most of the big Canadian banks have the same interest rates – that is, pennies a year – I decided that the credit union Tangerine seemed like the best choice. While the interest rate is still an appalling 0.25%, at least I can set the money in my savings account (0.8%) and move it around easily. The website is also amazingly easy to use and their customer service is quite good. You can even chat with a staff member online without picking up the phone!

Anyway, it took a while few months** for us to complete the entire process … getting Canada Post to approve of his identification took a few weeks. Then we’d forgotten about this over the summer, but FINALLY, we got it done yesterday!

It was really easy to set up. Both of us simply had to put in our account numbers and send requests to each other. And yes, today I finally got the $50 bonus for sharing my Orange Key!

Feel free to use my Orange Key if you’re interested in setting up a Tangerine account.


The purpose of the account will mainly be for gas, basic car repairs, groceries and travel expenses.

When we last went to DisneyWorld in April 2016, I charged everything to my American Express to nab the points. However, when we came home, I had to go through my statements and separate all the shared charges from my own (I bought a lot of Disney souvenirs). Having the debit card will save me a bit of that headache, but obviously we won’t be able to make big charges.

So the next step? To apply for the Tangerine 2% cash-back credit card!

*Bank of Montreal (BMO) is the only option in town, but they don’t even have the facilities to set up a PIN on a debit card.

*Embarrassingly, in between the past 6 months, a family had independently decided to start an account as well. I gave her my Orange Key and the whole matter was settled in a couple of days.


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