New Credit Card from Tangerine

Back in October, J. and I finally set up a joint account Tangerine. The purpose of this is to make our shared expenses more fair, rather than arbitrarily taking turns to pay for things.

Therefore, I now have two separate chequing / debit accounts within Tangerine. On the website, you can label one account as ‘chequing’ and one as ‘saving’; when you pay at the machine at the check-out, you simply select the account that you pay with. This makes it unnecessary to have two separate debit cards.

Also, I had applied for the cash-back Mastercard credit card on Tangerine. It finally arrived in the mail last week. Now I have 3 credit cards (this has never happened before in my life). Normally, you can 2% cash-back in two selected areas (i.e. groceries, gas, travel, etc.) and 1% in. As a bonus for the first 4 months, your two money-back areas go from 2% to 4% cash back!

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 9.25.33 PM.png

Today, I tested it out at the Northern Supermarket. We made a $34 purchase, which means that we would get $0.68 cash back.

Ehhhhhh, not a huge lot in the long run, I realize. Guess it’s more of a convenience as J. and I would eventually like to start budgeting our groceries and track how much we spend. Future goals!


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