How One Podcast Causes Me To Lose Sleep (In a Good Way)

Tonight, I was relaxing with a glass of Cavespring 2014 Riesling in the bathtub. I was listening to an episode of the Mo’ Money podcast, whom my lovely childhood friend, Sarah Li Cain of High Fiving Dollars recently recommended to me. I really loved the  interview that Jessica Moorhouse had done with Gail Vaz-Oxlade, so I downloaded another episode of Mo’ Money with Bruce Sellery.


If you live in Ontario, you may have seen Bruce Sellery on CityTV, or perhaps his articles in MoneySense magazine. After seeing that his book was highly recommended in MoneySense, I purchased and read his book in April, and decided that I need to reassess my RSPs using Sellery’s tips.

While listening to the podcast tonight, I realized that, since purchasing a 2-year GIC, I hadn’t done much more. I’m not sure whether the wine assertive, but I went to the Wealthsimple website, since Jessica Moorhouse said that using her link would get you an extra $50.


But before I threw any funds in, I also wanted to see what the company was about, so I watched this great Lunch and Learn with CEO Michael Katchen, when he spoke at the MaRs Centre in Toronto back in 2015.

Yeah, it’s 30 minutes long:

Mmmmm, okay. He’s a pretty smart guy and he knows what he’s talking about. This seems like a good company and I’ve seen their ads floating around for a couple of years now. His vision is to give a simple, straightforward investment vehicle that all Canadians can get into without paying ridiculous fees*. Even though I just brought back my Questrade account from the dead, I need all the help I can get, sooooo … eeeh, might as well. I opened an account and threw down $2500 into an RSP account, while trying to figure out if I’ve already maxed my TSFAs for 2016. It won’t be processed until a couple of days from now, so at this point I stopped and wondered how tired I was.

And yes, now I’m blogging, my boyfriend is grumbling that it’s past my 10 pm bedtime. I check the clock and it’s 11:47 pm.

It’s not a Wiki-hole, but it’s kinda like one. At least I’m coming out financially better from this. I will tackle this further another day!

*It’s not a secret that Canadians pay some of the highest investing fees, including MERs.


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