Monthly Goals – November

Health and Fitness

  • Work on Pilates (3/5): I have never really done Pilates before, and wanted to try it out to get a better sense of my bandhas for yoga and handstanding. Didn’t get as far as I had liked. Only managed to do 7 of the Pilates classes on Cody; there was a week where I was out of town supervising the Grade 11s on their trip and just had NO TIME to myself.
  • Commute to work walking (0.5/5): What a big fat fail. This happened maybe two times …



  • Start #edtech AQ (3/5): Argh, D2L doesn’t work at school! I was also away on the Orientation Trip with the Grade 11s for a week, but did submit all my assignments for the first deadline, after a 2-day extension was approved. Will need to put in more efficient work next month.
  • Revisit growth mindset with students (0/5): Too many interruptions. This just didn’t happen.
  • Get reference letters (1/5): Unfortunately, I have to chase the vice-principal, who recently transferred to another community. He took my copies and didn’t sign them, even though I hassled him a couple of times. GRRRRR
  • Update my CV with professional development (0/5): A hosted a webinar through OAME and ran an elementary workshop this month at school. I haven’t done this yet. Bad me.
  • Submit application to speak at OAME conference (5/5): I was surprised that this only took 10 minutes. The form was quite short.


  • Use more Twitter (4/5): Twitter isn’t my favourite tech tool. I’ve hated it for a long time and only in the past year have slowly been warming up to it. I want to use it more than I use more for professional development, but sort of just became obsessed with politics during the American election. It was a bit depressing, I must say, but it’s also allowed me to have some interesting interactions.* Also, I just want to spend more time reading news and productive ideas on Twitter and am trying to spend less time on Facebook.
  • Finish and finalize travel plans (5/5): Thank goodness this is more or less settled. Now I can start looking at restaurants and places to eat!

*I told Gail Vaz-Oxlade I’d like to meet her at the annual math conference next year and she said sure!


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