On Holiday: Floating in the Dead Sea

Merhaba from Jordan!

It was a lot of work figuring out this trip and the first three days were quite rough, as two of us managed to get sick right off the bat. There were several moments where I wished we were simply at home with our respective families. Yet despite three days of bitter, hard rain, in both in Israel and Jordan, and our little trip ups, the sun finally came out today and day 4 of our trip was just really wonderful!

This morning, we enjoyed a lovely stroll around the Roman amphitheatre in Amman, walked around Mt. Nebo and floated in the Dead Sea. In the evening, we enjoyed a Turkish-style hamman to wash off the salt and filled up on a traditional Jordinian style dinner of spiced rice, potatoes, carrots and onions.

The internet access has been spotty and some of our clothes feel perpetually wet, but we are really glad to see such a special and unique part of the world. Looking forward to seeing Petra tomorrow!




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