Monthly Goals – December

This is a bit late, since I was on the road so much for Christmas/winter break.

Health and Fitness

  • Finish Pilates plan (2/5): I started learning about Pilates this year, specifically in November. I wanted to continue my plan but didn’t get very far. It’s become more enjoyable – I hated it initially –  and I appreciate that the attention to detail in the pelvic floor just isn’t there in yoga. I look forward to learning more.
  • Start new GMB’s Focused Flexibility program (0/5): I did one day and then I injured my neck. Put this on pause.


  • Reopen ATE account (1/5): I got my password, but have not upgraded the account yet for long-term storage. Transfer goal to January.
  • Stay on course with the AQ (5/5): Odd to write a goal that is basically, ‘Do your homework’, but sometimes it’s necessary when things get busy. This went well.


  • Research more about WealthSimple account (0/5): Was going to break down my ETFs and analyze them. Didn’t happen. Transfer goal to January.
  • Start Udemy course on investing (2/5): Did half of the course, but started to realize this was counter-intuitive if I am going to follow the Canadian Couch Potato method …
  • Listen to more financial podcasts (5/5): The month of December was finance month for me. Listened to both Canadian Couch Potato and Jessica Moorhouse. It was great!
  • Research Tangerine investments (5/5): This was a goal added later on after listening to so many financial podcasts. Bought $10,000 each of the Tangerine Balanced Portfolio in RSPs and Tangerine Equity Growth Portfolio in TSFAs. Will continue to look at other investments rather than let it sit at 0.8% interest.


  • Finish books by Caitlin Moran, Jim Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat (5/5): Sometimes I have to just get things done. I try to start too many books … it gets to be a problem.
  • Buy travel insurance and prepare for Israel and Jordan (4/5): This was a bit last minute. Bought insurance through American Express for approximately $47

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