Lessons in Crocheting: Zig-Zag Blanket

Been a busy week with the OCT photoshoot, as well as hanging out with the photographer, M. Since I finally got some time to myself, I decided to go through the giant bag of acrylic yarn I’d purchased in the fall and look for a new pattern to try.

I’m still fairly new at crocheting and I am not a natural by any means or an avid DIYer, but I enjoy new challenges and learning. I did a search for easy blankets and decided to try a chevron / zig-zag pattern using this pattern from The Crochet Crowd.

I started quite late last night and didn’t sleep until 2 am. Creating a chevron with a single crochet means that you have to count a certain number and then skip so that you can create the bend up or down. I ended up trying a few rows on the recommended 180 stitches, although really only ended up with 173 by the next row. Ugh. That’s expected when you’re learning something new. You make mistakes.

In the morning, determined to give it a second go, I unraveled the whole thing and started anew. Seeing the plan and rewatching the YouTube tutorial, everything was much clearer after a night’s sleep. I wrote out the stitches on scrap paper.

I decided that using bobby pins would be a good way to mark my stitches. It was an idea I came up with own my own and I felt proud that this might be the hack that I need. It worked for the first couple of rows and then stitches started disappearing …. again! This was no good. It meant that my blanket was going to be a trapezoid or a triangle.

After two hours on this endeavour, I officially called it quits and tossed in the crochet hook.

It was a good challenge to wrap my head around a new pattern, but to be honest, I’d prefer doing a straight line of double crochets. I like zoning out and being able to listen to a podcast or music. However, when I’m working on the chevrons, needing to count every 11 stitches, I need to work in complete silence. By the end of the 2 hours, I felt a bit exhausted (not exactly ideal for a weekend). A learning moment, nonetheless.

I will attempt some other crochet projects, but have decided that zig-zag blankets are not for me!


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