Monthly Goals – January Goals

January has been pretty busy. It flew by a lot faster than I had anticipated!

Health and Fitness

  • Add HIIT workouts (4/5): Just around my 34th birthday, I wasn’t feel great about my personal image. I’m not one to get upset about age, so this was unusual … I just felt really, REALLY shitty about myself and didn’t even want to move at all. I suddenly realizing that I can see changes in my body and that two pairs of leggings I bought a few years ago do not fit me anymore. I felt horrible for a few weeks. I decided to rally the support of my Cody friends, whom I can definitely rely on and ended up purchasing the Cody App FitFlow plan ($35 USD) to try some HIIT. It worked out well to get me back onto the mat and moving. The workouts are just doing the mini 10-15 minute long classes, and although it took a few more weeks, it helped me get out of the funk.
  • Revisit backbending (3/5): I hadn’t really planned this goal; it just sort of happened. I know core work includes your back as well so I revisited Mackenzie Miller’s backbends program.


  • Work on Apply to Education account (3/5): Purchased some credits, as well as sent in my first official job application on it to WRDSB.
  • Apply for the Toronto District School Board (0/5): I didn’t do this. I should do this anyway.
  • Get reference letters (3/5): Received one letter from my former vice-principal; this was a bit of a chase and it actually took me near 3 months for it to happen. Ugh. Now to get one from my principal.


  • Analyze my ETFs (0/5): This goal fell by the wayside. Move to March goals as current focus is to finish my online course and get moving on school board applications.
  • Sell of old mutual funds (5/5): Done! This felt good to finally clean out. I’m so glad my mom was there to help me to wrap this up after I signed off, as I’m not often in Toronto and spent most of my holidays in Israel/Jordan.
  • Cap off RSPs for 2016 (5/5): Was missing about $1500 so now I’ve capped it off by throwing some money into my WealthSimple account.


  • Learn new crochet stitch (3/5): I tried, but this was a bit of a disaster.
  • Research home cleaning strategies (3/5): It’s amazing how many free tutorials there are on YouTube. I started watching some home cleaning videos just to get ideas on how to clean more effectively. Over the past year, we’ve also been choosing less harsh cleaning products as we realize our pets are often on the floor and exposed to what we put on them.

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