Winding Up and Cooling Down

It’s been an emotionally exhausting week.

Between discussions of what the next year will look like, there has been some fighting, some crying and some headway. And while I’ve been looking for ways to transition down south, J. has not considered it as seriously as I have, which is particularly frustrating. While he’s been participating in our “money dates”, I only realized in the past week, that it’s just been talk.

Of course, I can’t sit on my hands. Bound by the fact that the secondary Waterloo Regional District School Board was closing its job posting on Friday, I had to get things going – chasing down documents, getting tips from my network, calling Human Resources with nitty-gritty questions, trying to wrangle another reference letter from a vice-principal who doesn’t even live in the community anymore. I had to do all these things even if I had doubts about leaving the north.

I just had to do these things. Period.

Perhaps I was thankful for that. That the world outside continues to move on and if I want to join it again, I have to move a little faster. It’s like this conveyor belt; I’ve been looking and watching, just for the best spot to jump in on. That I’ve been running alongside it and just training to keep up again, even if I don’t get on it … yet.

In the end, I made the deadline and put in my application, of course, with one less document than the posting had requested.* In the end, the whole process forced me to consider lots of points I didn’t before, like whether I can even afford to buy property in the Waterloo-Kitchener area**. And in the end, I felt much better about it.

And now I’m just tired.

I know there are all these things I need to do. I need to finish my online course, I need to start another job application, I need to finish some marking, I need to clean the bathroom, I need to clean the turtle tank, I need to …  I need to just nap.

I think I will take a nap, because when I wake up, I will need the energy again.

*In the province of Quebec, we are not allowed to have teaching evaluations, but the job posting requested a copy of my latest one. GACK.

**The short answer is likely not, based on my budget. There are no houses under 300K anymore, due to the housing boom. 


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