Updated Koodo Plan

Made some changes to my cellphone plan with Koodo. I went from a $57 plan with 2 GB and unlimited text and call to a $60 plan with 4 GB with unlimited text but limited minutes (1000). The minutes aren’t a big deal, because I am nowhere even close to using 16 hours of talk time a month!

It’s the data that I have to fret about, because sometimes I need to use a website at work and end up tethering. Earlier this week, I actually ended up tethering and downloading 400 MB of video because I was trying to work on an assignment. That pitched me over the 2 GB mark easily, before month end, so I’ll be paying another $5 extra.

As it’s happened a couple of times in the past year, paying $3 more a month to ensure that doesn’t happen seems like a much better approach!

Siggghhh, thank goodness my online course will be over soon.



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