Saving Money on Books

One of my most favourite things to purchase is books.

Given the fact that I have lived in the north for the past 5 years and experienced some lifestyle inflation – having a stable job helps – I have made many excuses as to why I need to buy hard copies and audiobooks whenever my heart pleases.

As I prepare for my transition back south, I need to change some of my financial habits.

First, I ended up discontinuing my Audible membership in February. I’d been planning to do this for a while, since I had untouched books slowly piling up. Secondly, I considered getting an eReader. My friend B. offered me her old Kobo that she wasn’t using. She ended up mailing it north to me, but I can’t seem to get it to sync with our wireless internet (sigh). I even brought it back to Toronto but it didn’t take to my mom’s internet either. The alternative, for now, is just to use my iPad for reading eboks.

Thirdly, I started using my Toronto Public Library account more actively. In the past two weeks ago, I read two Raina Telgemeier graphic novels and Fifteen Dogs, which I enjoyed immensely and zipped through in 6 days!*

Photo 2017-03-07, 8 30 45 PM

I don’t like having to wait for books but it is an exercise in patience. I did it when I used to live in Toronto and I will have to suck it up and start doing it again. For now, I am patiently hoping that everyone else reading these books will return their copies soon:

Photo 2017-03-11, 9 56 25 PM

Fourth, and most obviously, I have to start reading some of the books that are collecting dust on the shelf. I’ve got no more than 10, so I’m not hoarding a lot, but sometimes I just get obsessed with something that feels novel.

While I won’t stop purchasing books, at least I am more intent on going through various methods of getting books for free first before I resort to buying paper copies!

I am also still sticking to watching and tracking how much I’m spending. I had made a media budget back in January, but realize that $750 might be a bit generous. I decided to challenge myself and cut back to $500 instead. At this point, I’m already one-fifth of the way through my budget, but if I have access to libraries starting from July, it will be much easier to get through the rest of the year!

*Recommended on Canada Reads this year, even though it was published back in 2015. I had never heard of it until they were discussing it on CBC Radio recently. 


3 thoughts on “Saving Money on Books

  1. I’m addicted to the library. I understand waiting for books (esp cookbooks) but it’s gotten easier. If you want, I was thinking of getting a Kindle Unlimited account if you’re interested in sharing. Lemme know.

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