ToodleDo: Customizable Alarms

I’ve been using ToodleDo for several years, and started paying for a subscription as a silver member just over a year ago ($15 USD / year). Since September, I’ve been using my bullet journal as a daily planner instead. While I have not neglected my ToodleDo account, it acts more as a back-up system and also another place I can quickly jot down tasks – mainly through my cellphone – when the journal is not in hand.

ToodleDo has a wealth of functions. Every once in a while, I take time to learn another one, but I have to say, I still don’t know how to use most of them! Some of the features that I was personally interested, through the silver membership, were:

  • Writing subtasks
  • Using Habits
  • Having notes under each tasks (i.e. I often write instructions or post a URL)

So earlier this week, when I knew I had a few deadlines coming up, I decided to figure out to set up a customizable alarm – not available under the free subscription – so that I got a reminder at an appropriate time of day to tackle each one. Here’s a quick tutorial:

For tasks with due dates, I could set specific times; if there was no time set, the default reminder would be at noon. In order to get text reminders, I first had to set up up an email to an SMS gateway address and voila! It worked fairly well and I was able to see the texts as I was at work, telling me to complete X, Y and Z.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the email option to work, but it wasn’t necessary anyway because email isn’t usually where I go to for time-sensitive reminders. I should continue to explore more of the functions since I’m paying for this stuff!!


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