2016 In a Glance

Normally, I post my “year in a glance” in December, but I realized I had forgotten, since I was so busy traveling. Here it is, finally!


  • Participated in the #Commit2Fit challenge and got my first crossfit Cody plan
  • Marked provincial Grade 11 exams and got paid for it
  • Went on the picket line at work, for the first time


  • Participated in my first “stitch and bitch”
  • Learned to crochet


  • Attended a teaching workshop on Geogebra


  • Submitted my taxes myself … for the first time
  • Estimated a retirement next egg
  • Visited DisneyWorld for the 4th time


  • Tried a crossfit gym and dry-heaved for 5 minutes … never again
  • Attended OAME conference for the 4th time


  • Completed my 3rd year of teaching full-time


  • Played real golf for the first time
  • Marched in the Toronto Pride Parade
  • Visited my cousins in New York City


  • Learned to double-crochet
  • Participated in my first escape room with my cousin


  • Learned to circle crochet
  • Attended a workshop by Solution Tree
  • Participated in the Smokey Hill Festival


  • Hosted my first webinar through OAME (NOMA chapter)
  • Ran a teaching workshop on Quizlet for elementary teachers
  • Attended an OAME AGM digitally


  • Applied to speak at annual OAME conference in May 2017
  • Started Pilates for the first time
  • Worked as a chaperone on the Grade 11 orientation trip


  • Traveled to Jordan, Palestinian Territories and Israel

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