Canadian Investors Conference

Back in February, I wasn’t able to participate in the Canadian Investors Conference, but I ended up buying a Premium Pass ($99) while it was still discounted, so I could watch the videos on my own time. Really impressed with the line-up as well, so many familiar names like Rob Carrick and John Robertson.

Just blown away at how a single person – Helena Liu – put together this entire show for free the first year; happy to support her as she’s helping Canadians be more financially responsible. While it’s been an online conference and that the presentations are done mainly through Skype, it’s still impressive that all the live sessions were completely free.

For starters, I listened to one with James Gauthier, who runs JustWealth. This is  a robo-advisor that currently have 63 different types of portfolios and also can give investment advice (not all robos can). I learned the difference between fiduciary standard and suitability standard. Robo-advisors are held to a fiduciary standard (they put their client’s interest above their own), while a salesperson at the bank pushing you mutual funds would only be held to a suitability standard.


I also listened to the interview with Robert R. Brown, who write the book, Wealthing Like RabbitsI really enjoyed the book when I read it over Christmas break, especially the introduction to mortgages. But having gotten lots of great notes from the book, I didn’t find the interview that much more insightful. Still glad I listened to it though!

Looking forward to going through the rest of the interviews!


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