Monthly Goals – March Madness

Here are the goals that I was focusing during the month of March:

Health and Fitness

  • Book a dental appointment (5/5): Booked one for the upcoming Goose Break. Gotta make use of my health plan while I still have it
  • Book an allergist (5/5): This was a task I was suppose to follow through in 2015. I actually had a referral lapse and now I’m paying for it, trying to get another family doctor to give me a new referral. Ugh. Have an appointment though, finally!


  • Complete Queen’s OT course (1/5): Queen’s University has a free course on Occasional Teaching. This got put on the back burner. I had started it but I am going to push this off to August as a good time to get myself into the mood of substituting on a daily basis.
  • Explore use of Google Forms (3/5): I had only learned about this tool in my AQ and used it for an assignment in January. It’s so easy and versatile!I’ve found that lots of teachers are actively used GAFE tools. I used it on two occasions at work too  I also shared what I had done with my colleagues during our weekly Professional Learning Community meetings (PLCs).
  • Start teaching teaching portfolio (0/5): Procrastinated on this. As I’d like to apply for the Ottawa school board, I know that they encourage the use of a portfolio during the interview process. I will need to print out some photos with an online order and have been meaning to make use of a 40% coupon code. This will be a priority in April.
  • Explore one new #edtech tool (5/5): Played around with SketchUp 8.


  • Watch 2 Canadian Investors Conference videos (3/5): Enjoyed the interview with Robert Brown and watched another with Susan Daley of PWL Waterloo.
  • Work on taxes (4/5): Second time processing it on TurboTax on my own. I know, I’m still not an adult yet but my mom helps me with a large part of it.
  • Consolidate TSFAs and close Questrade (0/5): Yeah, stock-picking is not my game. I need to sell and just close up my Questrade account.
  • Transfer investments to a robo-advisor (3/5): Moving more of my TSFAs to WealthSimple but still waiting. Had to re-sign some forms and deal with a few glitches.


  • Learn how to caulk (1/5): Brought a tube up from Toronto at the beginning of March but haven’t done it yet.
  • Learn how to use the steamer for the floor (5/5): We are trying not to use a lot of chemicals and just use more eco-friendly methods. The steamer is a machine that J. purchased a while ago but I hadn’t learned how to use it until this month. It was kinda fun but also sort of scary as you have to wait for the water to boil and be careful about opening the latch so you don’t burn your face!

5 thoughts on “Monthly Goals – March Madness

  1. Excited to hear you are considering Ottawa! Been following your blog for a while. I was originally from Toronto and now calls Ottawa home!

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