Handstand Progress: Single Knee Tuck

I haven’t worked on handstands much, even after having completed a half-day workshop with Kathryn Bruni-Young last summer. I have a better understanding of what is required, and if one wants to be effective and efficient, that means about 45-60 min of warm-up before you even go upside down.

It’s tempting to skip the warm-up though. But after completing a couple of online classes with Carling Harps, I felt that my bandhas were on and willing to take on the challenge.

I just did some single knee tucks, a good precursor to full handstand, since it’s an easy way to maintain core and pelvic alignment. I was pleasantly surprised I was able to get some great balance for 7-8 seconds. I know one of my bad habits is to kick up too hard, so I’m really kicking myself that I have to undo the urge to do so. Pretty happy with this small amount of progress. Once the weather warms up, I will have to practice in the yard without Paul the Wall!

Handstand Training – Single Knee Tuck #8 from Min Min on Vimeo.


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