RIP: Domo Travel Bug

Back in 2013, I launched one of my first travel bugs through geocaching. It was a plush Domo* which I really liked. I sent it off and marked the goal as getting to Los Angeles, California, so that my friend, A. could pick it up. He was the first person I knew who geocached, although I didn’t actually go on my first trip until I was invited by a group of German Couchsurfers who were visiting Toronto, waaaaay back in 2008.

I haven’t really gone geocaching much in the past 5 years, but was sad to get an email notifying me that Domo had been archived. He had bounced around Whistler and Alaska and there were some photos to along the way. I was even envious that he made it to the original geocache, in Oregon, USA. Ultimately, he ended up in California, north of Los Angeles, around 2015 and then was never heard of again.

Sighhhhh. It’s likely I’ll never see him again. Unfortunately, over the years, many geocache coins have been stashed (kept so that they are no longer circulated) and so it doesn’t surprise that a TB might get lost as geocaching loses its appeal over time. He had a good life.

Who knows, maybe I will go geocaching again in the future. It’s just so much easier playing Ingress and not getting your hands dirty!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 2.14.52 PM.png

*For you who are not familiar with this Japanese cartoon character, he was a claymation character that was developed and became very popular on the internet. 


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