Monthly Goals – April

Health and Fitness

  • Start lifting and strength work (2/5): Worked on front squats for a day. Also did some deadlifting and squats too. It’s a start!
  • Try new recipe (5/5): Made African peanut stew and the potato and asparagus salad.


  • Get reference letter signed (5/5): One of the three reference letters I had were not signed. I noticed on one of the school board job postings that they required signatures on all the letters. Chased after my former VP and got a reply within a week.
  • Create a teaching portfolio (0/5): Slacked on this and it fell on the backburner.
  • Work on OAME presentation (1/5): Also slacked on this.
  • Continue job applications (5/5): Signed a job offer with Waterloo but also applied for Ottawa-Carleton at the end of the month*.


  • Inquire about moving process (3/5): Even though I am on sabbatical, I am entitled to having my personal belongings moved. Haven’t pinned a date yet though.
  • Watch 3 Canadian Investors Conference video (5/5): Watched Janine Rogan, Robert Farrington and Rob Carrick.
  • Get J. investing (3/5): Made a start as he set up a Tangerine Investment Fund account for TFSAs.
  • Evaluate first quarter expenses (4/5): I don’t enjoy writing everything down, but at least it gives me a snapshot of what is happening with my money. It was also fun to learn how to make pivot tables.


  • Caulk the bathtub (0/5): This was a rollover from March. Didn’t get to it… again.

*Job applications for public school boards in Ontario are not often on an ongoing basis. We can only apply when they are posted once a year.


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