Fixing a Blown Fuse

When I was in Kingston a couple of weeks ago, at the math conference, I picked up a nail in my rear right tire. I didn’t know this had happened yet, and only noticed that my tire was losing air.

Thankfully, I had a portable air compressor with me. J. and I bought this a couple of years ago. While it has been helpful in emergency situation, the problem with the compressor is that it actually blows the fuse on the cigarette lighter charger!!! I didn’t have a pair of pliers on hand – the little things are tricky to pull out – so I finally managed to fix this today*.

Nice way to spend my Victoria Day. Wrapping up some loose ends and chores at home, plus some of season 6 of Call the Midwives.


*The other barrier was not knowing which fuse it was. The numbers on the interior fuse box vary between different years of Honda CRVs.


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